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From a performance, marketing and communications background to gathering Angel investors while pioneering remote and virtual teams, Kate has made entrepreneurship in the gig-based economy look like a beautiful breeze. We talk about the real work – living and breathing your values so that your product or service shines through! Kate’s commitment to brand integrity, transparency about attracting investors for a brand, and tips on how to align yourself for sustainable success are exactly what we could all use as we waltz into each day! Business owners, creative thinkers and wellness lovers will ADORE this episode, so sit back, and take a chill pill and then pre-order the Loba Pill Organizer to set up in style each day!

About Our Guest: 

Kate has a background in advertising and communications, and has worked with numerous healthcare organizations including Doctors of BC, BC Family Doctors, and the Health Data Coalition. She is the founder of Armature Collective, a marketing and branding company based in Vancouver. Kate believes strongly in giving back to arts and community services, and supporting personal development. She has held numerous community leadership roles, organized charity events, and provides personal coaching to a select group of



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